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About US

Miranda e Mendelsohn has been operating in the Brazilian and in the Portuguese real estate markets for over 20 years. The company started its activities buying commercial offices located in the “Vila Nova de Gaya” in Porto, Portugal and two years later diversified its portfolio by investing in warehouses and commercial buildings in the cities of Cotia, Vargem Grande Paulista and Embú in the state of São Paulo. We manage our own real estate assets and we’re focused on the launch of a new building venture with both industrial and commercial lots called Polo 40. Located in the 40th km of the “Raposo Tavares” Highway, its lots range from 8,500 square feet up to 11,000 square feet and it is a great investment opportunity. Building on this land and also, the land itself, appreciates over time: a good deal for anyone looking to invest in real estate as well as to companies that hope to expand its own businesses. Polo 40 has tax exemptions and offers a wide range of services that few other players in the world have. Take a moment to join us and get a closer look at our offer: We have a deal with “SDNI Nascimento I”, the local airport that allows you to come faster, by plane if you wish to do so. We are able to host you and guide your visit in English or in any language that might best suit you. We kindly request a notice so that we our organization can properly setup. Schedule your visit here. We’ll be glad to welcome, send you more informations and answers any questions that may arise.